About Us

About Us

Mino Cats’ collectibles are a captivating extension of the beloved Cat Game universe. We bring your favourite feline characters to life through meticulously crafted collectibles. You can explore the essence of the Cat Game in each unique piece.

Mino Cats

Stay tuned for our latest releases as we unveil new, exciting merchandise to add to your collection.

Cat Game

From Kawaii graphics to adorable gameplay, you’ll be caring for your kitties any chance you get. Collect normal, gothic, rare, unicorn, siamese, tourist, fluffy, Persian, calico, angel cats, and so much more. You can even unlock legendary cats!

About Mino Games

Mino Games crafts fantastic character-driven collectible games, merging gaming and animation for unforgettable global experiences. We’re not just creators; we’re visionaries of awesome universes! Over the past 12 years, we have created over 3000 beloved characters that are loved worldwide across 92 countries. Our Mission is to bring joy and inspiration by creating the world’s most beloved characters.

About our CEO and Creator

Sasha MacKinnon

CEO & Co-Founder

Sash has been building games since 6 years old, a passion which has translated into Mino Games where every game has been a huge success, generating tens of millions in revenue and 45 million total downloads by passionate fans. he has a deep background in computer science, art, animation and data science.

Our Mission

Taking Over the World with Happiness, Love, and Fun.

At Mino Games, our mission is to take over the world with happiness, love, and fun! We are not just a game development company but creators of captivating universes where joy and imagination come to life. Our passion lies in crafting beloved characters, engaging narratives, and experiences that transcend screens and bring joy to people’s lives. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to spreading happiness and positivity. 

We believe a smile can change someone’s day, and we strive to instill that magic in every aspect of our creations. Through our flagship title, Cat Game, and other cherished franchises, we create virtual realms where players can find respite from the everyday, immerse themselves in enchanting stories, and build strong connections with adorable characters. 

But our pursuit of happiness doesn’t stop there. We care deeply about our global community and the world we share. That’s why, with every purchase from our Mino Cats Store, a portion of the proceeds is dedicated to supporting local animal shelters and other meaningful causes. 

We believe in making a difference, and we’re committed to using our success to create positive impacts.

Our Games



Dimensionals is our first flagship console game - coming soon!

Cat Game

Cat Game is one of the cutest mobile games on the market - team up with your friends and collects thousands of CUTE CATS

Dog Game

Don't like cats? We have you covered. Dog Game has thousands more cute dogs to collect, play with and more every week.

Mino Monster 2

Mino Monsters 2 took the Mino universe to a whole new level. Hundreds more monsters, immersive story, weekly events and more!

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